Library of the living dead

Library of the living dead
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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Iwanna go zombieee-ee-ee

'nuff said!!! HAHAHAHAHH

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I'm just a ukulele playin' fool!

Yes...I hit 39 last big deal for me until it was pointed out that this would be the last year I spend in my 30's! Serious kick in the balls because I think when I hit 40..I may hit the bottle also! heheheh..hope it's brown sauce for a bacon buttie!
Anyhooo..I had a great birthday..a nice shiney new laptop..a ukulele ( which I bloody well ADORE) and a puppy Bassett Hound called Nugget. She is a lovely little thing with a penchant for chewing stuff and waking me up for a piss at stupid-o'clock...(the dog needs a weewee...not me)Mind you, the pup isn't mine..we just got her on my birthday.( keep telling yourself that Goatboy!!! :D)
Other great news!!! I was IM'd by Jonathan Maberry the other day. He was going to a book signing with an up and coming young buck in the horror writers field and wondered if I would zombie-up a pic of said author if he promised to kill me in his next novel!!! Well..I did and Jon did..he even sent me the chapter, saying I'm the firt person killed in the book which is a great honour and a wonderful bit of immortality!!!
I put The Movies gam on the laptop and have now reawakened my latent movie-making LOTLD..beware!!!..Heres a quickie I did (oooerr!) as a prelude to Halloween.

Anyhoo..time to trot off my dearios...tattygoatbye xxx