Library of the living dead

Library of the living dead
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Monday, 20 September 2010


Yes! The folks from the Library of the living dead went ahead to Horror Realm and by the sounds of it had a fantastic time. I too was party as it where when Mr Tim 'call me jenny' Long set up a skype so I could listen in on all the fun and frolicks that are incumbent to a con such as this. I have had threats layed upon my flatty..which i now suspect is rather damp and smells of various body parts, nooks, crannies and,.....crevices!!! Soon to be auctioned off as a scratch and sniff from hell!

Other news, congratulations to Gary and Stacey on their wedding saturday, it was fandabeedozee"

Now I eagerly await flatty pics...eeewwww

Thursday, 8 July 2010

I once punched a squid!

Good evening Goatchildren,
Thought I would pop in and write something that nobody will read. (sigh) Getting pissed off with certain peeps. got a bit of toothache. Got the nig really. BUT I got a puppy and a ukulele so it cant be all bad heheh

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Iwanna go zombieee-ee-ee

'nuff said!!! HAHAHAHAHH

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I'm just a ukulele playin' fool!

Yes...I hit 39 last big deal for me until it was pointed out that this would be the last year I spend in my 30's! Serious kick in the balls because I think when I hit 40..I may hit the bottle also! heheheh..hope it's brown sauce for a bacon buttie!
Anyhooo..I had a great birthday..a nice shiney new laptop..a ukulele ( which I bloody well ADORE) and a puppy Bassett Hound called Nugget. She is a lovely little thing with a penchant for chewing stuff and waking me up for a piss at stupid-o'clock...(the dog needs a weewee...not me)Mind you, the pup isn't mine..we just got her on my birthday.( keep telling yourself that Goatboy!!! :D)
Other great news!!! I was IM'd by Jonathan Maberry the other day. He was going to a book signing with an up and coming young buck in the horror writers field and wondered if I would zombie-up a pic of said author if he promised to kill me in his next novel!!! Well..I did and Jon did..he even sent me the chapter, saying I'm the firt person killed in the book which is a great honour and a wonderful bit of immortality!!!
I put The Movies gam on the laptop and have now reawakened my latent movie-making LOTLD..beware!!!..Heres a quickie I did (oooerr!) as a prelude to Halloween.

Anyhoo..time to trot off my dearios...tattygoatbye xxx

Friday, 14 May 2010


Sunday, 9 May 2010

...because prawns know exactly what they are doing, thats why!

Good aftermorning, goatchildren,
(pauses to take two Nurofen with a swig of uber-coffee)Got a bit of a headache, (and yes..a head like mine is entitled to ache!)So whats new in goatboys world? is sowly creeping up to being birthday time again, where I wake up and decide that actually, I DO own the world. I have been asked to do some promotion pics for a horror film by Tabitha Mellor..(fear not..I think it's a fan-ish one..but ya never know!!) She also offered me a part in the film but I cannot get up to Kent...(THEN she wanted to know if I could do the makeup as well..same reasons as before as to why I couldn't.) but I really would have loved to have done it. Maybe next time eh?
WHOOD-DE-DOOP-GOATDANCE-GOATDANCE...I made it into Groanology with my vampire comedy short, Out for the Count. Cool title heheh..and my novella is to be in Zombology III..and my letter from the dead is out very soon! Busy little Goatboy.
WEIRDNESS: While reading Fangoria, I found an article about Jonathan Maberry, facebook friend and 'liker of my work'..then under that is a Permuted Press advert with a blurb by A P Fuchs, facebook friend and 'liker of my work'...weird huh! hehehe
Right..I'm off to slap the kippers

Saturday, 17 April 2010

..and yet it still smells like fish.

Hey-ho Goatchildren,
Been a while since my last post (plays trumpet solo fnar!fnar!) but goatboy has actually, wait for it...been writing! Yes! I know! As unbelievable as that sounds I have actually stopped my fucking about for an hour and written a short story which i hope will find its way into Groanology, the latest antho call from The Library of the Living dead...or as i like to call it..home! AWWWWWWW! (free book for the got my address!) hehehe! Also Mr Long and Mr Moon have finished the wonderfully titled The apocalypse and Satans glory hole. Oh sand in the K-Y it's gonna be a rough ride on that one..especially as those two darlings decided to write dear innocent Goatboy into the book..what opportunities to be had!!!
I have also been doing more zombie and vampire pics for folks as well as doing some podcast stuff for Doc. In the meantime I am in filthy collusion with Mr Long for a podcast which I think is entitled Long Time Dead with Tim Long...I know! some clever fucker thought that one up! (hehehhe)
What else has been a-happenin' in goaties world...still trying to learn how to play the turtle. Thats about it really...more soon! sleep well my lovlies
goatboy xxx(tickleticklelicklick)