Library of the living dead

Library of the living dead
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My favoured Goatchildren

Sunday, 9 May 2010

...because prawns know exactly what they are doing, thats why!

Good aftermorning, goatchildren,
(pauses to take two Nurofen with a swig of uber-coffee)Got a bit of a headache, (and yes..a head like mine is entitled to ache!)So whats new in goatboys world? is sowly creeping up to being birthday time again, where I wake up and decide that actually, I DO own the world. I have been asked to do some promotion pics for a horror film by Tabitha Mellor..(fear not..I think it's a fan-ish one..but ya never know!!) She also offered me a part in the film but I cannot get up to Kent...(THEN she wanted to know if I could do the makeup as well..same reasons as before as to why I couldn't.) but I really would have loved to have done it. Maybe next time eh?
WHOOD-DE-DOOP-GOATDANCE-GOATDANCE...I made it into Groanology with my vampire comedy short, Out for the Count. Cool title heheh..and my novella is to be in Zombology III..and my letter from the dead is out very soon! Busy little Goatboy.
WEIRDNESS: While reading Fangoria, I found an article about Jonathan Maberry, facebook friend and 'liker of my work'..then under that is a Permuted Press advert with a blurb by A P Fuchs, facebook friend and 'liker of my work'...weird huh! hehehe
Right..I'm off to slap the kippers

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