Library of the living dead

Library of the living dead
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My favoured Goatchildren

Sunday, 21 March 2010

All singing all dancing..Goatboy's podcast time again and those dulcet tones that you hear are none other than Goatboy. And contrary to requests I have submitted several songs to Doc Pus for the Library of the living dead podcasts! Oh yes..there are more to come..and yes...there will be blood (albeit coming from your ears no doubt heh heh heh) Other songs you can expect to hear over the coming months will be Dedicated dispatcher of zombies, I wanna go zombeee-ee-ee, The very model of a man who hates the living dead, Two headed zombie,She's decayed shes rotten and shes mine.
I'm considering gathering up all my pictures and songs into a Goatboy compendium
and going out into the world healing the sick with it. Honestly, who wouldn't want to hear the gently liltings of Goaty as they lay in their sick bed? 'Take up thy bed and boogie!" Although I would probably be chucked out of the hospital wards...
"Goatboy!! Stop rubbing her lesions!!!" Hehehehe..." Goatboy..take that out of her mouth this instant!! That is NOT a thermometer!!!"..ahhh funtimes, Goatboy could make his own laughing gas when he does a tummy-shame! Right..I've got to go and intimidate some badgers...tatty-bye............

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