Library of the living dead

Library of the living dead
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Friday, 19 March 2010

Well it's Friday again...

Where did the week go? After much 'fiddling about' (heh heh) I think I've got this blog page wossname sorted! Pass me my orange velvet suit with the wide collars and flares, floppy hat, feather boa and cane because I have been pimping, yes, PIMPING people!!! Blogs everywhere I look..such a sweet site..(hehehehe geddit? Don't wannit? ahh fuggeddit!)Been a busy boy art-wise, the strange thing is after staring at someones face while you reinvent them makes you think you know them...weird huh? Or creepy..heheh..sleep on this..Goatboy knows your face...hehehe. Small note of concern..the shed is giving me a funny look!
What brings this day then? Wel i am waiting in fevered anticipation for the next LOTLD podcast..wondering if there will be Skype tonight...planning on getting some foamin' ale. I did a pic for Letters from the dead and some people think or have mentioned that they love the 'cover'. I don't think it is the cover you knw, ( as much as it would , like so kewl, ya know) I am sure it lies in the festering hands of Mr Dan Galli.:D But thank you all so much for the votes of confidence.


  1. Has anyone ever told you that you look kinda' like Simon Pegg?